Elevate Your On-Ice Hockey Game this New Year by Training Like You Play!

DriBlades are designed to improve the accuracy of adaptation when training. Your workouts will carryover better when performed in your skates, making your training time more effective!

What are DriBlades?

The Ultimate Off-Ice Training Solution

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, DriBlades are the perfect way to take your hockey game to the next level.

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A game-changer for dry land training with the patent-pending DriBlades™ off-ice training blades, the world’s first blades that affix directly on to your skates and allow you to do workouts that provide the same biomechanical, physical effects and impact as being on ice. The results: more functional strength and stamina, better balance and relevant skill development drills that cross over more effectively to practice and games.

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With the DriBlades & Abductor; Hockey players can perform workouts that replicate the same biomechanical and physical effects as actually being on ice. The results: more strength and stamina, better balance and relevant skill training that cross over more effectively to practice and games.

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Our team is fueled by one core objective: an uncompromising commitment to make our athletes better. We are part next generation sports science and part product engineering. The team is made up of a professional kineticist with almost 20 years experience training and developing world class athletes and a product engineering team with numerous patents and successful designs. Our goal is clear. Our focus is unwavering. Our commitment to helping hockey players achieve their greatest potential is our business.

We truly believe in the science behind our DriBlades™off-ice training blades and know that if used correctly and as part of a regular exercise routine, they will provide very positive results for those looking to improve their skating biomechanics.

DriBlades™ off-ice training blades are fully compatible with all makes and models of CCM Speedblade XS Blade Holder or Bauer TUUK LIGHTSPEED EDGE Holder*. Click here to view the installation video.  Simply pop out your existing skate blades and the DriBlades™ off-ice training blades easily slide in and fit like the regular blades would.

*BAUER, CCM, TUUK, LIGHTSPEED, SPEEDBLADE  and other trademarks are the property of their respective owners and are not affiliated with Alien Kinetics- used here merely to indicate product compatibility. 

DriBlades™ off-ice training blades first originated inside a small-town Saskatchewan gym.  The idea was to create a product that athletes could use to build their hockey and skating specific muscles and truly train like you play.

The ideal surface is a rubber flooring similar to what can be found in 99% of all gyms across North America.  Whatever your exercise routine (squats, lunges, floor touches, frankensteins, etc.) DriBlades™ off-ice training blades are perfect to incorporate into your current workout.

However, we understand you don’t always have access to rubber flooring.  It is also possible for DriBlades™ off-ice training blades to be used on stability half balls, balance boards, carpeted flooring, or on a yoga/pilates mat.  Keeping the DriBlades™ off-ice training blades protected is important for bests results. 

Non-rubberized or hard surfaces like treadmills, hardwood flooring, tiled floors, concrete floors and driveways are not recommended.

DriBlades™ off-ice training blades can benefit players of all ages and skill levels.  Listen to your body and seek a professional opinion if you have concerns with how your body feels before, during, or after using any of our products.  We advise anyone using our products to do so safely and only as they were designed to be used.  

Putting on your DriBlades™ off-ice training blades during the offseason, getting comfortable in your skates year-round and simple, basic exercises can still provide great benefits and get players of all ages ready for opening night.

The easy answer to this question is absolutely. The DriBlades™ off-ice training blades science revolves around creating an unstable surface while performing your exercise routine. In this way, we are similar to a stability half ball or balance board.  There are some obvious extra benefits to working out in your skates when you are a hockey player, but even if you aren’t, the unstable surface created while wearing DriBlades™ off-ice training blades aims to target specific muscles and increase your results.

Click here to view our sizing chart. Whether you are wearing a Bauer model or CCM model, we have you covered.

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