Push yourself with analytics, identify weakness, improve performance.

The DriBlades Connected™ sensor by Alien Kinetics™ is a revolutionary sports training device specifically designed to improve a hockey player’s performance both in the gym and on the ice. DriBlades Connected™ sensors are clipped into the DriBlade enabling you to immediately start recording your workouts and tracking your performance.

Hockey training, reimagined.

Alien Kinetics’™ proprietary algorithms analyze your movements to provide real-time evaluation of your performance during training exercises and provides live feedback. Upon completion of the activity a comprehensive analysis will be done and specific, targeted recommendations given to improve your performance. Progress can be tracked over time allowing you to clearly see the quantified results of your efforts.

A new dimension to training.

You may choose to allow some of your data to be sent to our cloud service which provides a powerful tool to coaches and trainers of sports teams, or to be sent in real-time to a personal trainer allowing remote collaboration. You may also choose to share your scores and progress with your friends and teammates to add a competitive or  cooperative aspect to your training.

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Let our powerful technology and advanced AI take your workouts to the next level.

Each sensor can take up to 55,000 measurements of the wearer’s activity every second, utilizing precise 3-axis MEMS (micro electro-mechanical systems) devices composed of an accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer. The raw measurements can be logged onboard the device, transmitted in real-time to the user’s smartphone or watch, and fed into an advanced sensor-fusing non-linear filter. The outcome of this filter provides an extremely precise approximation of the device’s spatial orientation and the forces exerted on it in Earth-frame (North, East, Down components), as well as estimations of the device’s velocity and relative position. By applying this system to human biomechanics, we can gain insights into data that have never been collected for human kinetic applications before, ultimately enhancing our understanding of how the body interacts with its environment during various activities. This newfound knowledge can help optimize performance, prevent injuries, and design effective rehabilitation programs.

Battery life for days.

Workout daily for up to one week on a single charge. DriBlades Connected™ sensors are compatible with Qi-compliant wireless charging stations allowing fast and convenient charging. They are fully sealed and water-resistant to 10 meters / 30 feet so you don’t need to worry about a little water or sweat.

Where you want. When you want. Alien Kinetics turns the world into your digital gym.

The Alien Kinetics™ DriBlades Connected™ app has guided video exercises designed to improve your skating performance. The app provides realtime analysis of the execution of each movement during the course of a workout, identifying breakdowns and weaknesses, unwanted movement and instability. DriBlades Connected™ shows you where you need improvement and enables you to see your progress over time.

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Trusted By Athletes

Watch NHLers Chandler Stephenson, Brayden McNabb, Kole Lind and Lane Pederson use their DriBlades™ Off-Ice Training Blades

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