Testimonial 4

Hockey is a game played on unstable surfaces here on a small blade and the DriBlades allow you to tap into that. I had a bad ankle sprain and it’s helped me a lot even with just recovery and regain that stability and the strength in the ankle. Lane Pederson, Columbus Blue Jackets WATCH NOW

Testimonial 3

I honestly feel so much more powerful when I skate. You think you are working all the right skating muscles until you put on your DriBlades and start working out. You realize quickly to activate and engage your skating muscles, you need to be in skates. Kole Lind, Seattle Kraken WATCH NOW

Testimonial 2

As a NHL player it’s very important to take what I do in the gym to the ice. You know, it is very hard to do that and with the Driblades, it simulates what we do on the ice so the muscles that you can’t really get to unless you are on ice, you can …

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Testimonial 1

For me, getting the chance to bring the Cup (Stanley Cup) back to Kelly at his gym was just an awesome experience. Knowing how much time and energy we spent working on all the right things. Always with the goal of getting hockey stronger and hockey faster. It was definitely a very special day for …

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